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Sonic Activism

What is Sonic Activism?

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Film Music Seminar

Konsonant Music Film Music Seminar

Konsonant also is proud to have spoken at dozens of Universities, Colleges and schools providing information to students about the collaboration between filmmaker and composer.


In our experience, we have found that very few filmmakers receive any kind of real education about the intricate world of film music. As such, the process of finding the right music for their films can become an unnecessarily challenging, frustrating, and oftentimes costly process.


Our Film Music Seminar is designed to answer filmmakers' toughest questions about music for film and empower them with the knowledge needed in order to make smart choices regarding music for their projects. Some topics covered include:

The seminar is filled with hands-on case studies and audio-visual examples and is highly interactive with the audience always keeping the subject matter interesting and engaging. It is scalable from 1 to 3 hours and can be expanded to a full day Masterclass/Workshop, including a live scoring session and Director/Composer panels.

We continue to present our seminar on a regular basis at such acclaimed institutions as AFI, Chapman University, Columbia University, FIND, NYFA, The New School, TFI, UCLA, USC and Film Festivals around the world.

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Temping Music in your Rough Cut:

How to create a successful temp score.


Your Music Choices: Composers, Music Supervisors, Licensing, etc...

Music Rights 101: Everything you need to know about Master & Synch Rights, Publishing Rights and more.

Hiring a Composer: How to find the right composer for your Film or Project.

The Creative Process: Bringing about a successful collaboration between a director and a composer.

Recording and Delivery of the Score.

The Final Mix.

Our Partners

Contact us if you have a Partnership idea!

In our ongoing effort to contribute to our community in positive and proactive ways, we are proud to participate in what we have coined "Sonic Activism".


"Sonic Activism" refers to our commitment to doing what we can to promote diversity, inclusiveness, kindness and compassion for each other and our planet. Konsonant has donated sound and music packages to projects and films whose messages are vital to help further positivity, promote peace, and bring light to important subject matters.

Some of the wonderful nonprofit organizations that Konsonant works with include: Film Independent, The Ghetto Film School, Tribeca Film Institute, Black Votes Matter, and the New Orleans Film Festival.

Konsonant Music stands with the BLM, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and BIPOC community. 

It is our mission to continue being an ally to these important causes and organizations. If your film or project is aligned with these values, contact us to see how Konsonant Music can be of service.

What is Sonic Activism
Film Music Seminar
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