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Nina & Irena A Call To Action for Musicians! (50 x 36 in) (1).png

Dear friend,

I hope this finds you well during these dark and trying times.

On November 15th, The New Yorker released NINA & IRENA: a documentary short directed by Daniel Lombroso about his grandmother Nina. On the verge of her 90th birthday, she reveals the painful story of her sister’s disappearance during the Holocaust. Nina lost 25 members of her extended family, but never talked about it after she moved to America in 1951.

I believe that we can all learn a lesson or two from Nina about how to keep our hearts open to ALL human suffering, with equanimity and faith in our shared humanity. You can read more about NINA & IRENA here.


Listen to the soundtrack on SPOTIFY

Buy the soundtrack on BANDCAMP


I would like to invite you to contribute your talents as part of this Impact Campaign to raise awareness around the film and the shocking rise of Anti Semitism and Islamophobia around the world.

  1. Here are the files: MAIN THEME RECORDING + SHEET MUSIC

  2. I invite you to perform it as is or arrange it as you feel inspired, on any instrument(s)

  3. Record a video of yourself performing the piece (if you feel comfortable)

  4. Post it on social media with these suggested hashtags:

    #NinaAndIrena   #StopAntiSemitism   #StopIslamophobia   #StopHatred
    (and any other hashtags that fight hatred and bigotry)

  5. Feel free to tag The New Yorker, Daniel Lombroso, and myself as well:

    @newyorkermag   @dlumbo   @giltalmi

  6. Please share widely with other musicians around the world.

Let's use music as a way to invite others into the fold and bring awareness to all the senseless hatred all around us...


In the words of Nina: “We are all born little adorable children... What happens?”


With much gratitude and love,

Gil Talmi

Composer, Nina & Irena

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