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Sam Bishoff

Music Coordinator | Composer



SAM BISHOFF (he/him) is a composer for film, TV, advertisements and other media, based in New York City. He has scored various shorts, ad spots, and his debut feature film Slaughter Beach (Clockout Films) won "Best Original Score" at the New Jersey Film Awards. In 2023, he assisted composer Jonathan Bepler on the Matthew Barney installation Secondary.


Always a bit of a musical chameleon, Sam's writing incorporates his many musical influences, borrowing elements from jazz, classical, funk, pop, and beyond. His music often incorporates elements of improvisation. In addition to saxophone, Sam also plays flute, clarinet, and piano, and often records himself in his own scores.


Sam studied Jazz Performance at Temple University and received a Master's in Media Scoring from Brooklyn College. He was chosen to participate in the 2021 SCL Mentor Program and Ghetto Film School's 2022 Emerging Composers Program. He is also the current administrator for the NY Chapter of the Society of Composers & Lyricists.


When not composing or performing, Sam loves to cook, go camping and hiking, and is an avid listener of many podcasts.

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