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Maddy Rose Weisman

Supervising Music Editor   |   Singer/Songwriter

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MADDY ROSE WEISMAN (she/her) is a supervising music editor and singer/songwriter.


Since joining the Konsonant team, she has worked as a music editor on Netflix's Harry & Meghan, Battleground (Safe Space Pictures), Silent Beauty, Esther Newton Made Me Gay, Greywater (The New Yorker), White Noise (The Atlantic), and Captains of Za'atari (Ambient Light). She also music coordinated and performed vocals for Our American Family (WOHDOC Films), and music coordinated on ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy (Amazon Studios/Story Syndicate)

She is also a singer/songwriter, producer and instrumentalist, her debut album "The Big Splash" will be out soon!

Maddy lives in Philadelphia with her dog Zelda who she is obsessed with.

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