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Konsonant Music has worked with some of the most respected filmmakers in the film and television industry.

Read what they have to say about us:

“The film is buoyed by its bevy of strong supporting performances from Polanco and Santiago. But the true standout is the ethereal, haunting score from Gil Talmi and Gisela Fulla-Silvestre at Konsonant Music. The melody slips into scenes like a whisper before enveloping them in a melancholic haze of unrequited romance.”


- Rob Rector | Film Threat about iGilbert


“Andrew, you’ve always had the magic. Thanks for sharing it with the D!”


- Jack Black | Actor/Producer, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny


“Dear lord… what you did for this film, the amount of heart and soul and care and rocking tasty flavor….you blew me away with your talent and great personality. THANK you. You made the movie even better than I could have imagined. You rocked. Thank you.”


- Liam Lynch | Director, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny


“Working with Konsonant music was a dream come true! Gil Talmi's wonderful energy and passion for storytelling made the process of collaboration one of the most enjoyable moments of making this film. He brought so much heart to the music and elevated the film's emotional spine. I couldn't have asked for a better soundtrack. Sound design was also very important to the film during the editing. Gisela Fulla-Silvestre sound mixing and re-recording editing shined in our film, accentuating the sounds of construction and landscapes of Texas in order to receive the whole experience of the Texas construction boom. I have made a new family with Konsonant and will definitely be working with them for my future projects.”


- Chelsea Hernandez | Director, Building the American Dream


“One of the great pleasures in creating my film "Desert Migration" was being able to work with composer Gil Talmi. As a person, Gil was always engaging, funny and compassionate. As a composer, he is beyond talented, drawing from a vast musical knowledge. He always knocked it out of the park, giving me exactly what I wanted, and then everything I didn't know I wanted. It was an immensely successful creative relationship, one that I hope to continue in the future.”


- Daniel Cardone | Director, Desert Migration


“Gil Talmi has scored over eight films of mine (5 of them features). He is a true artist and gentleman. His music is emotionally captivating yet light and sensitive in its touch. The working collaboration is fun and inspiring. He has a beautiful historic studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where you will be offered an espresso, fine chocolate and an amazing creative experience where your film will musically discover its full potential and then some.”

- Joel Fendelman | Director, Man On Fire

“Gil Talmi was the composer of the original score for a feature documentary I produced called DESERT MIGRATION about gay men who are long-term survivors living with HIV and the community they've created in and around Palm Springs, California. In short, Gil is an amazing talent. His work on this specific film was just dazzling. He connected beautifully to the visual landscape, the power of the cinematography, and to the stories that are at the heart of the film. He brought great sensitivity and emotion to his work, and the end result was a score that features wonderful nuanced and viscerally engaging music that we were proud to showcase. Gil's company Konsonant is an extremely professional operation, and we were delighted by the enterprise aspects of the experience too. Since that time, Gil opted to do a soundtrack release of the score for our film, and this was a treat for us. From there, I also began working with Gil as the composer and music producer on a new film that I am directing/producing THE LONELY CHILD. The film is about a little-known Yiddish lullaby from the time of the Holocaust, and Gil has already been a fantastic resource during the fundraising phase for that project. For my part, I am just one of many filmmakers who has been fortunate to work with Gil. I see how generously he conducts himself in the indie film business, and it's a pleasure and an honor to know him. The fact that I also get to call him a creative collaborator is a great gift.”


- Marc Smolowitz | Producer, Desert Migration


“Andrew, thanks for bringing the thunder!”


- Bob Bowen | Head of Music, Amazon Studios


“Gil Talmi makes the effort to understand and care about his projects unlike any other composer I've worked with. His versatility and mastery over a range of unique instrumentation makes for powerfully beautiful music that expands the meaning and scope of the scenes it inhabits. When a soundtrack draws attention not to itself but to the essence of the emotional gravity of a scene or character, you know it has been crafted by an attentive craftsman who posses a rare brand of emotional genius. Gil Talmi is more than fitting of that description.”


- Jay Shapiro | Islam and the Future of Tolerance, ALL RISE, Opposite Field


“Gil is an incredibly talented, deeply intuitive composer. I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with him on a range of projects from documentary series to shorter form works and he consistently brings soul and emotional resonance to the stories we’re telling. He’s the real deal and a total pleasure to collaborate with.”


- Marc Landsman | Director, Los Jets

“Gil is that rare breed of composer. Not only is he extremely talented and versatile (his music can make you dance or it can make you weep), he is a delight to work with. There’s no ego here. Just a thoughtful, sensitive composer who will give your project everything he’s got and will work with you until you’re happy. He did a wonderful job on our PBS documentary “Tales of the Waria” and I hope to have many future collaborations with him”


- Jay Shapiro | Islam and the Future of Tolerance, ALL RISE, Opposite Field

“I'm writing first and foremost to say that we had our first mix session today and got to listen to the score all the way through and MY GOODNESS. It elevates the film in a way I could never have imagined possible - despite knowing each cue was phenomenal individually, I never could have imagined the holistic effect. My main takeaway among many was that in giving us such a rich, earnest, and deeply emotional palette, you've dignified the world of theater when dignity is what it needs most and that is just so beautiful. Kristen Blodgette from the film was also at the mix session and was overcome with how much she loved your work. So, thank you.


- Sammi Cannold | Director, The Show Must Go On


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