Andrew Gross

ANDREW GROSS (he/him) is a co-founder, creative director, music supervisor and composer at Konsonant Music.


Andrew is an award winning creative director, composer and music supervisor. After scoring his first studio feature at the age of 25 (Bio-Dome/MGM), Andrew has gone on to score over 30 features and over 100 episodes of primetime TV. Some of his credits include: The King of Queens (CBS), 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (Orion) and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (New Line). Andrew’s music has also been licensed to numerous film and tv projects, including The Great Hack (Netflix), I Think You Should Leave (Netflix), Nacho Libre (Paramount), So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) and the trailer for Ratatouille (Disney).

He has won numerous BMI Film and TV Awards for his work on King of Queens and Gold and Platinum Awards for his string arrangements on Tenacious D albums.


Andrew has served as both composer and music supervisor on the Emmy nominated series, Why We Fight (ESPN+) and the TBS series, The Dress Up Gang. Other Music supervision credits include the Netflix series, I Think You Should Leave and Astronomy Club. Andrew recently received a Guild of Music Supervisors award nomination for his work on All In: The Fight For Democracy (Amazon) and is currently working on Season 2 of I Think You Should Leave (Netflix).

He lives in Topanga, CA with his wife and their cats, chickens and goats. 

Hobbies: Andrew loves coffee and likes to roast coffee green beans and make his own cold brew. Warning: If you ask him about roasting, he will go on, and on, and on.....

Andrew Gross

Composer   |   Creative Director   |   Music Supervisor

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